At last! A universal shower door runner that

fits nearly all sliding shower enclosures!


Up until now, when a shower door runner or wheel breaks on you sliding shower enclosure, it is almost impossible to replace them. You need to know the make and model of your enclosure, and often is the case that even with this information you learn that the company has gone bust and no longer exists! – The result? Hundreds of pounds in costs to replace and fit a new enclosure!

The Uniwheel® Shower Door Runner has taken 2 years to design, develop and manufacture. Its unique patented design with maximum adjustment means it will fit many of the existing situations on hundreds of makes and models of shower enclosures. It is suitable for curved Quadrant enclosures, Corner Entry enclosures and Straight sliding door enclosures.

If you have one of the above shower enclosures just ask yourself these 2 simple questions:
Does your existing runner or wheel clamp through the glass door?
Do the wheels or wheel of the existing runner sit into a track?

If the answer is yes to these 2 simple questions, whether it is a top or bottom runner, the Uniwheel® Shower Door Runner is the answer.

Watch our simple to follow video clip on the Uniwheel® Shower Door Runner above. Learn how easy it is to fit and adjust, saving you hundreds of pounds by not having to replace the whole enclosure!

The Uniwheel® Shower Door Runner is only available from our selected nationwide stockists. To find your local stockist, simply enter the first letters of your postcode on our store finder search bar at the top right of this screen!

UNIWHEEL® is a registered trademark and has UK Patent. Patent App no: 15 00 287.6

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Why a Uniblade® Seal?

The Uniblade® is easy to fix on to almost any glass shower screen. The unique 2 part seal clicks together to fit your glass whatever the thickness.

No tricky measuring of glass thickness required! Find a stockist

How to use...

Easy & quick to fit with our patented fully adjustable clip on system.


  • The UNIBLADE® SEAL is a registered trademark and has UK Patent.

    UK Patent No GB2500004.